People believe in authentic brands. They trust, love and obsess about authentic brands. And they spend money on them.


But authenticity is a slippery concept; it is different for every organisation and it changes with the zeitgeist. To compete, brands must find a unique expression of authenticity, anchored in culture.

We provide strategic analysis, authenticity marketing and creative execution so organisations can execute authentically across every touchpoint. We get to the heart of a culture through imagery, language, mythology, ritual, passion, style and people.

Authenticity Toolkit

Authenticity Analysis
We work with you to develop insights into your brand’s expression of culture, identifying opportunities you can use to drive brand, product and retail strategies.

Fast Brand Strategy
An accelerated approach for developing authentic brand positioning and identity.

Ecommerce Product Storytelling
Stories bring your products to life, tie them to your brand and embed them within culture. Origins, inspiration and source materials give products provenance and relevance.

Method Photography
By documenting the imagery, mythology, ritual, passion, style and people of a particular sub-culture, method photography produces imagery with an emotional connection to the culture of your brand. Our offer also includes art direction, casting, editing and post-production.

Authenticity Activation
Our approach to communications aligns culture, campaigns and product to resonate with consumers in the places and situations that matter to them.

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