Rapha - The revolutionary cycling brand


Our founder Luke Scheybeler created and co-founded Rapha, the premium performance clothing brand that revolutionised the cycling industry.


Rapha represents an authentic expression of road cycling culture, “the most beautiful sport in the world.” It honours the heroes and legends of the glory years of competitive cycling. A contemporary, uncompromising and obsessive focus on the rider as hero.


Classic looks, high-tech construction made for the rigours of road racing, Rapha uses modern materials to create high-performance garments but takes design inspiration from the simple shapes and team colours of the 1950s and ‘60s


Retail means more than selling. Rapha retail stores are clubhouses for the road racing community. Rapha connects with customers by celebrating their love of road racing. The website mixes cycling-inspired editorial with shopping.


Marketing is tied to the road racing calendar. Rapha honours the races – from iconic grand tours to obscure semi-pro races in Belgian – but the brand is always grounded in the everyday rider’s visceral experience; the seasons, the weather, the light, the sounds, the sensations of riding.