Tracksmith - A brand for the running class


Tracksmith high-end running wear is an alternative to the mainstream. The brand champions the culture of running, celebrating the style and rituals of collegiate competition.


Rooted New England, Tracksmith represents ‘the running class’; dedicated amateurs who are serious about competing but are motivated by a love of the sport.


The first Tracksmith garments were named after Van Cortlandt Park in New York. Executed in a luxurious airy mesh the styling recalls college sports graphics and materiality: broad diagonals, letter sweaters, bold team prints, animal mascots.


Tracksmith’s hand-drawn hare emblem designed by Scheybeler and drawn by illustrator Gary Chalk – echoes the character-based logos of mid-century American Ivy style.


The Tracksmith website has a strong editorial feel, mixing content and ecommerce. The first permanent retail store gave Tracksmith an opportunity to create a community hub for runners: more than a store, this a place where people who share the Tracksmith mindset can meet up.


Tracksmith’s photography, shot by Emily Maye, focuses on the training camps that are characteristic of US running culture. The setting is rural, wooded, suburban; quintessentially New England, the kind of backdrop you might see in New Hampshire or Vermont.