Brooks - Rediscovering industrial roots

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Coonecting with a new generation of cyclists Brooks England was renowned for its handcrafted bicycle saddles. To succeed in the cycling market, the business needed to reach new customers with new products.

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Scheybeler helped Brooks identify the authentic essence of its brand: craftsmanship, the best materials and its industrial heritage - attributes that would define a diversified product range.

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Hand-hammered copper rivets are used to finish every traditional Brooks England saddle. The same copper features in Brooks’ new range of bags and accessories.

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Brooks always uses the best available materials. For some products that means leather. But now, Brooks products also come in durable modern fabrics and plastics.

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Brooks grew from the crucible of the industrial revolution in the English Midlands. The raw finishes used on the packaging evoke a fitting industrial aesthetic.

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Scheybeler reworked Brooks’ typography, making it simpler, more consistent, more modern but still recognisably industrial. This new system is more impactful in both digital and print.

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