1. Is your brand resonating with its target market and do you know how it’s coming across?

Naturally, your brand leaves an impression based on what it looks like, how it sounds, the company it keeps and the things it does. Do you know how it’s coming across to its audiences? Is the way it expresses itself – through all touch points - in keeping with the position it occupies - or wishes to occupy? If not, then your brand is failing to connect with your target customers.  

2. How do you engage a local audience with a global campaign theme?

Obviously, it’s not just a question of language. Cultural relevance is all. But we can’t employ a different approach in every market – so it’s critical to determine the correct level of inflection for your local markets.

3. How do you reach a new audience segment?

You’ve identified a set of potential customers, but how do you effectively connect with them? Matching core brand truths with their wants and needs will deliver a campaign that works.

4. Has the market caught up?

How do you evolve to differentiate again. Perhaps the market is becoming more saturated by the day - so it’s vital to identify your brand’s value to communicate truthfully and uniquely to get the cut-through you desire.
Finding the answers to these conundrums is challenging, but it’s something that comes naturally to us having facilitated results-focused ideas workshops for years.

See below a snapshot of what a £5k workshop would look like:

Step One - Pre-workshop

  • Defining what the brief looks like is the starting point for any workshop process and so a conversation would take place with you to work out your challenges and objectives.

  • Based on the outcomes of this discussion, we’d carry out research and analyse it to provide the context for our campaign.

Step Two - In session (half day workshop at our London studio)

  • This is our opportunity to present you with key research findings that’ll provide the basis for our discussion.

  • From here, we would initiate an idea-generation brainstorm.

  • Then we’d rate the ideas against the right criteria (eg brand fit, practicality, budget, likeability, etc) to narrow them down and choose the right approach.


Step Three - Post-workshop

  • Documentation describing the best ideas and how to action them.


We’d welcome the chance to talk you through our approach, engaging best practice to connect with your audience in a cost-effective way. If this is of interest, then please get in touch.


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